was founded with the dream to create something unique for champagne and as a contribution to acknowledge the beauty of every single champagne. We admire the passion and craftsmanship the experts of champagne have and how they stay true to traditions. Jesper was the original founder of Champagne Moments, Ulrik joined the company as a co-founder in 2016.

Brand DNA

brand dna, Champagne Moments, What do we believe in

What do we believe in

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” Oprah Winfrey is a wise woman and expresses something most of us forget. Which is why we want to share with you the most deeply rooted Brand DNA in our company, that life is a series of moments that you need to celebrate. You need to take advantage of the time you have before it’s too late and celebrate the small and big achievements in your life.

Our Heritage

Champagne Moments is founded in Denmark where we’re very proud to label our work with “Made in Denmark” that secure good quality and great craftsmanship. The company is family owned with the idealistic mission, to go against the stream and bend the world with our own ideas.

brand dna, Champagne Moments, Made in Denmark
brand dna, Champagne Moments, Innovation and Imagination

Innovation & Imagination

With our background in business and software, we are determined to push the edges between technology and champagne.
Champagne Moments strive to be the modern leader that express champagne in luxurious surroundings digital. We do that by applying a new dimension to the way we experience the most prestigious wine in the world, champagne.


Without the help of the amazing people below, Champagne Moments wasn’t here today.

Technology can convey the luxury dream!

- Champagne Moments