Celebrate Champagne Day

Join Champagne Moments and all the champagne lovers from every corner of the world in the celebration of the 9th annual Champagne Day on October 19, 2018.

Champagne is a wonderful thing, and the charming bubbles have been with us for centuries. No wonder that there’s a day dedicated to champagne. We have gathered three different activities that you can plan to make this year’s Champagne Day unforgettable.

Champagne Picnic

A picnic is a great way to get outdoors, enjoy some delicious food, champagne and relax. Not to forget spending quality time with the people you love.

The most important thing is location. You’ll definitely want to stay clear of the popular and overcrowded places to ensure some privacy. If you live by the ocean, we highly recommend the beach, but if that’s not the case, you can also find a nice spot by the river or under the shades of an oak tree in the forest. Not often mentioned, seeing as the web has dominated related searches but the local Visitors Center still exists, and for an occasion like this, it could be worthwhile having them recommend some prime places.

When you have found the location and checked the weather report, you can move forward to the next equally important thing, namely the food. Choosing the right recipe for the occasion might be hard, after all, there aren’t exactly ‘one’ that suits everybody’s taste, however, our favorite is a French Charcuterie Platter.

Champagne is of course essential. Make sure to bring enough champagne, and keep it chilled. Eventually, if you need inspiration about which champagnes to bring, have a look at our Top 10 Champagne Charts Here.

Besides that, you should bring candles – if you’re having your picnic in the evening. Champagne glasses – instead of white plastic cups, we recommend tulip champagne glasses for the best tasting experience. Picnic basket, proper tableware, and a spacious picnic blanket.

Champagne Party

Nothing is better than a night out with your crew, and this year’s Champagne Day is the best excuse to dance on the tables and drink champagne all night long. We have collected a handful of clubs that could be the location for your Champagne Day party.

L’Arc Club


Gotha Club




Pierre’s Lounge 


Champagne Tasting

If you’re into trying different champagnes, you could celebrate Champagne Day with a champagne tasting. Invite your fellow champagne lovers and a friend, who needs to experience the world’s best wine. Set the stage with a theme or dress code. Remember, spending a big budget on the most expensive champagne does not necessarily make for an amazing night.

Firstly, decide whether the theme should focus on tasting only one style eg. Blanc de Blancs, a mix of different styles or maybe even, just focus on a single brand. To get inspiration for which champagnes to choose for your Champagne Tasting, visit our Top 10 Champagne Charts Here.

Make sure to have the right glasses prepared – we recommend Tulip Glasses because they ensure the best tasting experience. Our favorite glasses are from the Lehmann Jamesse collection. If you have the different glasses (Flute, Tulip and Coupe & Saucer), you can expand the tasting and compare aroma and taste across the glasses to find your favorite.

Bring a notebook and save your notes from the tasting. We have prepared a tasting sheet for you.

Visit the local wine specialist. They usually have many champagne brands that you can’t buy online or at the grocery store. Make sure that you do not leave the store without some interesting facts and stories about the champagne – you only gotta ask.

Extend the experience with a presentation where each of you prepares a presentation about the house and the champagne you are tasting.

Download Tasting CardDownload Tasting Card

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