The trip to Monaco with G.H. Mumm.

Have you been to Monaco? If not… Then you really need to add Monaco to your bucket list immediately. For those of you that have been to Monaco and experienced the city of glamour, with supercars around each corner you know exactly what we are talking about. The very charming city with iconic and beautiful architectural buildings, champagne at the harbour and lots of supercars is something you have to experience.

The arrival

For Champagne Moments it was our first time in Monaco so the expectation was set for sure, but even with high expectations and imaginations about how it was going to be once we arrived, Monaco would still surprise you and even more so, when you are a guest of the Champagne House G.H. Mumm. You hardly get an experience likewise anywhere else. Upon arriving at the Airport in Nice we had the first taste of the VIP lifestyle, a lifestyle which we were soon to realize would last through the entire weekend in Monaco. A private driver waited for us at the airport, he politely asked for our luggage and drove us to the Fairmont Monte Carlo in the new Mercedes s-class. The trip by car felt more like flying than our actual flight.

The Hotel

The Fairmont hotel is centered just in the heart of Monaco, right behind the very famous Fairmont Hairpin corner that is a part of the yearly Formula-1 Grand Prix track. The Fairmont hotel was just like the Mercedes we arrived in, packed with luxury. Upon entering our room, one of our aspirations were filled, some private time with the new G.H. Mumm Grand Cordon bottle together with a welcoming letter from Cesar Giron. We had personally looked forward to experiencing the new Mumm bottle since its release.

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Mumm Grand Cordon

The new Grand Cordon has several innovative features, one feature which is perhaps the most striking of them all is the new bottle shape. The bottle has reinterpreted the iconic Cordon Rogue red sash by using the newest technological advances to indent a genuine red ribbon into the glass, carving a notch into the bottle as the red sash makes its way around the bottle from bottom to top.

The iconic sash was firstly introduced back in 1876, when the founder Georges Hermann Mumm made a decision that would forever place G.H. Mumm firmly as a frontrunner of the champagne spirit. He decided to decorate his Cuveé Brut Champagne with a red sash representing the highest of French honours, the Ordre Royal et Militaire de Saint Louis and the Grand Cordon de la legion d’Honneur.

But G.H. Mumm did not only laser print a ribbon onto the front of their new bottle. Completely unique to the champagne industry, the bottle’s front label has been entirely removed, replaced by the Mumm signature and emblem imprinted directly onto the glass in gold lettering.

Lastly the bottle has received an unusually long neck design, to accompany development of the famous Cordon Rogues Intense Pinot Noir, fruity Pinot Meunier and the subtle Chardonnay.

G.H. Mumm, Champagne, Grand Cordon

The new Mumm bottle stays true to the Mumm motto: “Dare. Win. Celebrate” – The newest addition does not only taste superb, it is also most likely the most creative and innovative bottle available as of today.

If you haven’t felt, nor tasted the bottle yet it will soon be available in stores near you, don’t worry if you can’t find it yet. G.H. Mumm is progressively rolling the bottle out on their international markets.

We wouldn’t choose any other champagne to celebrate a victory with! #DareWinCelebrate #Mumm #LiveChampagneMoments –

stars from the Champagne Moments tasting.

Monaco Formula-E 2017

The calendar is finally showing Saturday, 13th of May – the day of the big race! The last couple of weeks’ preparation are all coming down to this one day. One of the peculiar preparations which we noticed was the extensive lockdown of Monaco. Since Monaco is no more than 3.8 kilometers long and a width which varies between 0.3-1.7 kilometers, so a 2-kilometer-long race track at the center of Monaco request complications. We were going to Emotion Club from where the VIP’s, was watching Formula-E.

Travelling there by car however was not an option, as it turned out it was easier to reach the VIP-lounge by boat through the harbor. A very special experience indeed, as you got close to all the huge yachts harbored between us and the VIP-Lounge. Once you embark the leather-covered boat, you give yourself a moment to think about the ordinary life back home, which then further enhanced our Monaco experience, as by far at this point have exceeded every possible expectation. After a short delay the boat made its way to the Emotion Club – in just about 5 minutes.

G.H. Mumm Grand Cordon, Grand Cordon, Champagne, Champagne Moments, G.H.Mumm, Formula-E, Port Hercules, Monaco

We knew what was coming to us at the lounge, since we were keeping quite punctual to our Saturday agenda. But even so the VIP lounge at Emotion club reminded us that we were still not back home. The atmosphere was electric as the racecars drove pass the tribunes in the qualifying rounds, and G.H. Mumm made it clear that their champagne was the only choice for celebrating. With a glass of Mumm champagne we prepared ourselves to experience the Monaco Formula-E 2017.

G.H. Mumm Grand Cordon, Grand Cordon, Champagne, Champagne Moments, G.H.Mumm, Formula-E, Emotion Club Monaco, Monaco

Seeing the race cars from a distance is very impressive. If you try to imagine the engineering and technology you almost forget the lack of engine sounds that, for most people, is a key feature of a real motor race. But you have my word that it was just as electric, and you will be surprised when experiencing how much sound an electric engine produces, when accelerating from 0-100 kilometers per hour in 3.0 seconds.

More information about the Formula-E is available in our short pre-Monaco article. You can also visit the Formula-E to find more information.

As tradition goes we can’t have a motor sport race, not the least, the little brother of Formula-1 without the champagne spray ceremony. At the podium we had Sébastien Buemi 1st, Lucas di Grassi 2nd and Nick Heidfeld 3rd, which got to to spray each other in G.H. Mumm. Grand Cordon champagne to celebrate their victory. Check out the video to watch the full Champagne Ceremony.

Thank you G.H. Mumm

Before the race, we had many thoughts on how the ePrix in Monaco was going to turn out. The whole weekend was stuffed with the most true champagne moments, which all could be summarized through the fantastic G.H. Mumm motto: #DareWinCelebrate. A big shoutout and thanks goes to the team behind G.H. Mumm – a group of truly amazing people. For those of you who haven’t tried celebrating victory with Mumm Champagne, we hope that you are going to have an amazing champagne moment, once you try the new G.H Mumm Grand Cordon.

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